Project Implementation

Our partners are the organizations directly involved in project implementation. SieNi's partner network is made up of solid pre-existing public and private initiatives in Colombia and Switzerland. Each of these organizations makes financial or in-kind contributions to the SieNi project.  Each partner's responsibilities are mutually established via formal agreements with SieNi.


Fondo Acción is a private, non-profit organization created in 2000 under the Bilateral Agreement of the Initiative for the Americas. Fondo Acción provides technical and financial support to communities so that they themselves transform their reality, focusing mainly on environmental and childhood issues. Its Quality Management System has been certified every year since 2008 by the Bureau Veritas Quality International Colombia, and is in the process of certifying with the international quality standard ISO 9001-2008. Fondo Acción is the administrative partner of SieNi in Colombia; as such it is in charge of coordinating and monitoring the project, signing agreements with donor organizations in Colombia, administering project funds and contracting project actors in Colombia.


Ondas-COLCIENCIAS is the main program of the Colombian government to provide its children and youth with science education. Since its inception in 2001, it has funded 37,110 research projects in the 32 Colombian regions, benefiting 2,224,013 children and 66,663 teachers. The Ondas-COLCIENCIAS program is in charge of the call for teachers, creation of water teams, and monitoring the teams in the field.  They are also the link to SieNi's regional project partners.


The National University of Colombia is the main public university in Colombia, with campuses in various regions around the country. The Department of Geography, based in Bogota, is in charge of the development of the WPO and the design and leadership of the water observatories. 


The Education and Development Corporation is a private non-profit, which supports initiatives where education helps develop institutional capacities and competences to foster the development of a community or group of people. The CED is  in charge of the conception and implementation of the teacher training strategy, the development of pedagogical tools for the different actors of the project, and the formative evaluation of the project.


iNVESTIGA is a non-profit Swiss-based organization whose goal is to connect Colombian expat scientists with children and teachers in Colombian schools. iNVESTIGA is in charge of the conception and implementation of the virtual communication strategy between the scientific mentors and water teams and all user training. It also ensures the access to the virtual platform EdModo, which will serve as support for the general monitoring and coordination of the project.


The Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland) is among the top engineering schools in the world. Each year the CODEV (Center for Cooperation and Development of the EPFL) opens a call to finance development cooperation projects. SieNi applied for and received a portion of the funds needed to develop the Web Platform for Observatories (WPO) in collaboration with the LIDIAP research center of EPFL, the National University of Colombia and the research center ICPICYT (Mexico).


Regional Partners


The regional partners are universities or research centers whose main role is to host and operate the water observatories in the varios departments, under the leadership of the National University. As agents of the Ondas de Colciencias program, they provide technical and logistic support in the formation and accompaniment of the water teams. 

The entities listed here are those who have already agreed to join the project since 2017 in the departments of Antioquia and Boyacá. Negotiations with the regional partners of the departments selected for 2018 and 2019 are ongoing.

Other Allies