The members of the Directive Committee, which is based in Switzerland, are all volunteers. They administrate the organization, promote the project, and raise the funds.

Directive Committee


Caroline ALVAREZ

Caroline is Head of Programmes at the Unit for Prevention in socio-educational matters at the Child Protection Office in Vaud, Switzerland. She is experienced in child and family-related project and service development. She holds a degree in social work from the School of Applied Social and Pedagogical Studies of Lausanne, as well as a degree in international cooperation from the Institute for Development Studies of Geneva. In addition, she is a member of the municipal council of Lausanne since 2004. She is the founder and promoter of a number of associations in Switzerland, including those which are dedicated to development projects in Colombia. 

Vice President & Treasurer

Blanca has a background in environmental science and chemistry and has experience in the management and monitoring of projects in the fields of development and cooperation (both in Colombia and Madagascar). Blanca is currently an adult educator in project management in Geneva, Switzerland.


Head of Communications

Elise is specialized in International Education and Human Rights. She holds an MA in Children's Rights from the Free University of Berlin and a BA in Psychology and Human Rights from Columbia University. She has extensive experience in qualitative research, teaching and project coordination in the fields of international education and professional development. She is currently teaching English at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador.

Beatriz E. VILLEGAS M  

Beatriz is a jurist, who holds a degree from the Human Rights Institute of the Catholic University of Lyon. Experienced in international law, European law, and project management, she has worked with multiple associations working toward the protection of the most vulnerable children.


Committee Member

Diana is research and teaching assistant and doctoral candidate in educational sciences at the University of Geneva. She earned a Masters degree in children's rights studies from the University of Geneva. She has published on human rights teaching in higher education, child labor, and international children's rights movements. She is an editorialist for the Swiss NGO The Children's Rights Institute. She is currently a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University.

Committee Member

Carmen is a lawyer from El Salvador.  She moved to Geneva few years ago, where she works in the field of human rights in an International Organization. In El Salvador, she worked as a lawyer and at the national human rights institution. She also studied an Interdisciplinary Master on Children’s Rights at the Institute Kurt Bösch in Sion, Switzerland. She has particular interest on issues related to children’s rights and rights of persons with disabilities, and economic, social and cultural rights. 

Executive Team

Project implementation is the responsibility of an executive team that includes employees and volunteers based in Colombia and Switzerland. Our golden rule: the sum of the salaries of the executive team based in Switzerland must not exceed 10% of the total cost of the project. 


General Secretary

Susana is an international consultant in education and development, scientific collaborator at the Center for Children’s Rights Studies at the University of Geneva, and Doctor of Social Anthropology at the University Paris Descartes. She has extensive experience in the design, implementation, coordination and evaluation of education projects in Latin America and Europe and a long history of field work in Colombia.